Ulysse Nardin Chairman Kinetic Cell Phone

Cell phone chargers begone! Exiled by the might of kinetic energy and a big pocketbook. Renowned watchmaker Ulysse Nardin drifted off the reservation a bit (kind of like Porsche Designers do ALL THE TIME) and came up with a great idea for a cell-phone. Great for those who like to keep their phone in their pocket and do a lot of walking, the Ulysse Nardin Chairman cell phone charges itself much like your Ulysse Nardin watch, by movement.

ulysse nardin phone

ulysse nardin cellphone

I hate to say that this is cool because unlike a Ulysse Nardin watch, this will quickly become obsolete with advancing cell phone technology- but for right now, it is pretty darn cool. Here is why it will soon become a relic:

  • 2.8″ multi-touch screen
  • Fingerprint reader for owner identification and phone lock
  • Numeric keys with high quality tactile response
  • E-mail and Internet application
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • Wi-Fi for network connection
  • Sapphire Glass
  • Kinetic rotor system

from Ulysse Nardin

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Magic Wand Remote

Don your best wizard robes and pop in your favorite Harry Potter DVD (or Fantasia for the kiddies) for your dream has come true! You can now command the TV with your very own universal remote wand. Can you image how many people you can impress with this gadget?

Kymera Magic Wand – £50 from The Wand Company

Persol 2913S Sunglasses

persol 2913S sunglasses

Outfitters of just about every James Bond, Persol has a reputation for some badass stylish designs. Designed and crafted in Italy (like most great things), the brand’s patented Meflecto temples offer a secure fit, while crystal-tempered sunglass lenses provide protection with distortion-free vision. Lose the trendy glasses and go with a tried and true exclusive classic.

persol 2913S sunglassesPersol Sunglasses – 2913S
From around $310 (pictured) -$360

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Billy Blob Art

BillyBlob to much toBillyBlob Monkey

A long time favorite of mine, Billy Blob has been on my radar for about 9 years now- still making great art. You can find everything from paintings, flash cartoons and t-shirts featuring some of his most famous characters like Karma Ghost, Dirty Birdy, Bumble Beeing and Bug Lover.


Inside Out Glassware

insideout shot glass

Champagne glass
Another creative way to drink your martini in style, the double-walled glass provides insulation, keeping beverages cold for much longer than conventional barware. Made from hand-blown glass, Alissia Melka-Teichroew has turned the traditional glass for your graceful champagne, demure liqueur, and conical martini on its head.

$48 and up – Manufactured & Distributed by Charles & Marie Inc.

Tesla Model S Sedan

Tesla Model S Sedan

Electric Sportscar

The Tesla Model S Sedan is an electric wondercar. Not only does it look like a sexy offspring from a threesome with a Jaguar, Maserati and Austin Martin, its electric!

– 300 mile range
– 45 minute QuickCharge
– 0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds
– 120 mph top speed
– Seats 7 people
– More cargo space than sedans
– 2X as efficient as hybrids
– 17 inch infotainment touchscreen
– 45 minute QuickCharge
– Charges from 120V, 240V or 480V
– 5 minute battery swap

Did I mention its electric?

Base Model $49,900 – Delivers in 2011
[via thechicecologist]

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Concrete Tumblers

Nothing says strong and industrial like concrete, so you can feel more manly than ever (and work on those biceps at the same time) with a set of these Concrete Tumblers from 25togo. Drink your scotch or kool-aid with scruff and style, but you better hurry, these don’t hang around very long. Oh, and uh, keep them away from oceans and lakes cause they don’t float.

$40 from Charles and Marie

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