Granted, I am writing on a WordPress platform currently, I have been blown away by SquareSpace 6, the new version of a very powerful website creation platform. I am lucky to be one of the chosen few to beta this new platform, and wow, is it cool! Build a custom website in no time, all through drag and drop- no coding, fuss or muss. If you are an artist looking to show some of your best works and want to avoid the hassle of designing and coding your own (or hiring someone to do it for you), you really should look into Squarespace. It works exceptionally well to show off photos, artwork, and portfolios, and makes it so easy to

Not your typical post, I know, but what can I say, I am drawn to it. Not just a spoof, “I Want a Goat” actually has a real point, and its awesome. Raising awareness and soliciting donations in a whole new way- using humor. It does seem a bit weird, even dirty, that I find this funny, but its the spoof I am laughing at, not the video (although the lyrics are hella funny). This is the explicit version, based on the explicit version of “I’m On A Boat” by the SNL spin-off crew Lonely Island. Here is a link to the clean version of I Want A Goat for those underage readers or with sensitive ears. Starting at $20

It is mighty difficult to describe in words or pictures, but I am a big fan of these Sustainable Green MBAs. A sustainable business degree is a must for the future and right now these green programs can get you some pretty top jobs (recent Green MBA graduates are now holding positions like Director of sustainable initiatives at some of the largest companies around). Fortune 500 and 100 companies are finding that they need to address their stance on sustainability, and who better to fill the task that someone with a green master’s degree in business administration? Convinced you yet? Find an online green MBA program that works for you. Full time, Part time and Online Green MBA programs