Being a coffee snob these days is easy. There are so many options out there that make you a great cup of coffee, but how many of them look good doing it? The Barisieur is a brewing creation from the mind of Joshua Renouf, a Product Design Graduate from Nottingham Trent University, that combines the two- from your nightstand. Part alarm clock, part brewer, all function. The brewing process has been designed all the way down to the sugar and creme storage and placement. Induction heated and assisted by metal ball bearings, the whole process can be customized to your personal tastes. Sleekly designed and finished in wood, the brewing alarm clock looks right at home on the nightstand of

This beautiful shaped wood hanging wine bottle rack is the brainchild of Antonio Lages & Angela Ladeiro. Part of Legnoart, this Italian company is founded on the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Award-winning with extreme attention to detail, the innovative design is combined with eco friendly materials and redefines modern kitchenware. [ad name=”STIL-Medrec”] I’m particular to the look with, or without bottles present (or really any combination thereof). A real eye pleaser, and space saver, this design holds up to 10 wine bottles by their necks on your wall in a decorative way. Display your amazing collection with a modern chic designed rack. Done. Enoteca by Legnoart – $54 from Amazon

I know, it’s only coffee you are saying, but that’s only because you haven’t tried it! I liken it to a great scotch, it’s all about the flavor and the buzz. I have never had a coffee buzz like this before, and believe me, it was fantastic. I generally stay away from drip brew coffee in favor of the espresso variety (Caffe Americano’s, Cappuccino’s, Macchiato’s, etc…), and wow did I find heaven in a cup. Browse Blue Bottle Coffee Companies espresso blends on their website, or find it at a local non-chain cafe. ~$16 a pound from Blue Bottle Coffee [ad name=”go-STIL-smbanner”]

There is something about a great Islay single malt scotch that really captures me. Traditionally I am a fan of Ardberg, Lagavulin and Laphroaig (the really smokey and peaty scotchs) but it can be difficult to drink a lot of those throughout the evening as they can overwhelm the palate. This is when I usually switch to a smoother blend, such as a Johnny Walker Gold or Black, or even my everyday classic: The Glenlivet 12 year. That is until now. The Glenlivet 15 Year French Oak Reserve is a Speyside scotch that is smooth and easy drinking, but has a flavor and character that sets it apart. It is a bit more expensive that the 12 year, but provides

Recently I happened upon a curious pink marbled block at an upscale grocery store which caught my attention. What was this odd culinary delight, why is it here, and how does it work? It happened to be a huge brick of what I usually keep pebble sized in a grinder next to my stove, pink Himalayan salt. As useful as it is beautiful, these blocks an bricks can be used for baking, curing, flavoring and for presentation. I even saw one carved into a bowl for preparing and presenting salads, imparting a hint of salt and further enhancing its flavor. The blocks can be used as a cooking element in the oven since they are able to hold and retain

If you enjoy the smell and flavor of the worlds most expensive spice– saffron, then you may want to try this gin creation by Gabriel Boudier Dijon. Micro distilled in Dijon, France, this saffron infused gin had the unmistakable essence of saffron in it’s nose and on the tongue. I prefer it with soda water and a few rocks, but it can easily pair with the traditional tonic. Sadly, the color doesn’t come from the saffron alone, it also contains certified color and FD&C Yellow #5 which is a bit disappointing (check out organic gin for an all natural alternative), luckily the flavor is all real. Very mild flavor with a fairly traditional blend of botanicals, including the addition of

Just as exciting as a new pair of shoes, is great food. The satisfaction from a delicious meal is unparalleled, a truly worthwhile life enhancing experience. It seems here in the US, this can be a bit of a rarity, especially what is commonly available from grocery stores. I had yet to find anything close to the amazing flavor of cured meats and salami I sampled throughout Italy, until now. Cristiano Creminelli uses choice cuts, prepared in old world tradition using small family farms and organic spices for his handmade artisan meats. There is no need for a cracker or cheese, simply enjoy each variety on its own- the flavors will captivate your palate di per sé. My personal favorites

Where would be the sweetest place to have a bar? In the sky of course! Well unless you are Richard Branson, that ain’t happening any time soon, so why not bring the Jet to your bar. This wrap-around jet-setting alcohol refueling station is made from the cowling of a 747 passenger jet, giving it that high-flying feel. Pair it with some genuine jump seat bar-stools and you are set. Damn, it’s sexy! Find it on Motoart for a pretty penny. [via chic ecologist]

Nothing tastes like a fresh mountain stream- as if you know. Bottled water promises us the mountains, but delivers it in a plastic bottle, and who knows where its really from? The Design Within Reach water pitcher delivers on that, and so much more. A lil different than your regular Britta water filter pitcher- a plastic pitcher with a little mystery plastic insert that rattles. No flimsy lame plastic here, just glass and steel. The filter elements are even manly and on display. Hunks of sticks and stones to clean your water and make it taste like a real mountain stream minus the fish pee. $85 from Design Within Reach