Recently I happened upon a curious pink marbled block at an upscale grocery store which caught my attention. What was this odd culinary delight, why is it here, and how does it work? It happened to be a huge brick of what I usually keep pebble sized in a grinder next to my stove, pink Himalayan salt. As useful as it is beautiful, these blocks an bricks can be used for baking, curing, flavoring and for presentation. I even saw one carved into a bowl for preparing and presenting salads, imparting a hint of salt and further enhancing its flavor. The blocks can be used as a cooking element in the oven since they are able to hold and retain

Now a staple in my sock drawer, I probably have more Happy Socks than anything else, including athletic socks. Extremely versatile, they add a splash of understated color (well… under something, mainly a pant leg) to any outfit. I used to just wear them properly matched (similar to a pocket square, you should probably use a common color palate) with all suits and dress slacks. I’ve since begun pairing them with jeans or anytime I have dress shoes, including casual wingtips or cap-toes. Basically the only think I won’t pair these colorful patterned socks with are athletic shoes. While many dudes may think this is a silly and unnecessary accessory, I can assure you, I have received nothing but positive

Not your typical post, I know, but what can I say, I am drawn to it. Not just a spoof, “I Want a Goat” actually has a real point, and its awesome. Raising awareness and soliciting donations in a whole new way- using humor. It does seem a bit weird, even dirty, that I find this funny, but its the spoof I am laughing at, not the video (although the lyrics are hella funny). This is the explicit version, based on the explicit version of “I’m On A Boat” by the SNL spin-off crew Lonely Island. Here is a link to the clean version of I Want A Goat for those underage readers or with sensitive ears. Starting at $20