Great for traveling, the TripIt app for Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry is a lifesaver. Not only does it auto import your itinerary from your email, it organizes it in an easy to read format and adds it to your calendar. Did I mention it is also FREE? It manages your travel bookings for everything from flights to dinners and even provides local maps and weather for your destinations. I have found it incredibly useful on my last trip involving multiple layovers, planes, ferries and car rentals. They also offer a TripIt Pro for those of you serious about your travel which includes flight rescheduling and custom alerts among other perks. Well worth a look! If you are a traveler

On my last visit to New York, I stumbled onto a leather textile shop filled with various leather bag designs, from leather satchels to messenger bags and purses. Since I have been on the hunt for ‘The Perfect’ leather duffel travel bag, I was intrigued by many of the label designer like shapes and designs. I quickly became a fan of their ‘Style #102’ contrasting brown leather duffel due to its rugged, handmade construction with a thick and supple leather unlike any I have found previous. A beefy, sturdy zipper and water-resistant green ballistic nylon lining sealed the deal. Well worth a look if you are looking for a designer style at a lower price and much higher handmade quality

Yes, I know- you’re thinking “Jersey, really?” Yes. This hotel is special in several ways. 1. It’s new 2. It’s Cheap (when compared to other destination W’s) 3. You get the best of both worlds: NYC and a chill city The views of the city are spectacular as you look right across the water at Manhattan. Plus the Path subway trains are only 3 blocks away shuttling you directly into the city in just a few minutes. Hoboken is a great quaint little city, giving you a mellow low key option, without having the hustle and bustle of the city right outside the hotel. The W Hoboken 225 River Street, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030 [ad name=”go-STIL-smbanner”]