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I just upgraded to an iPhone 5 and love the slim, light feel, however, it seems so delicate! If I was to drop it, I’m sure I would hate the outcome, but all of the iPhone cases out there are horrible! Either they completely cover up the beautifully engineered lines of the phone, or are practically pointless, just adding bulk and weight. Who buys a slim, light phone only to put a bulky, heavy case on it?

Finally, a beautiful minimalistic case for the iPhone 5 which only serves to protect! This Mod-3 Design Radius Case for the iPhone 5 is a complimentary work of art. The design compliments the phone with aluminum construction and it’s minimal weight leaves the bulk behind. The architectural webbing on the back spreads the impact from any meeting it may have with the ground. The aluminum raised corners protect all sides of the phone (provided it doesn’t fall on an jagged rock).

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Mod-3 Radius iPhone 5 Case priced at $69.00 from Mod-3

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