saffron gin

Saffron Gin

If you enjoy the smell and flavor of the worlds most expensive spice– saffron, then you may want to try this gin creation by Gabriel Boudier Dijon. Micro distilled in Dijon, France, this saffron infused gin had the unmistakable essence of saffron in it’s nose and on the tongue. I prefer it with soda water and a few rocks, but it can easily pair with the traditional tonic.

Sadly, the color doesn’t come from the saffron alone, it also contains certified color and FD&C Yellow #5 which is a bit disappointing (check out organic gin for an all natural alternative), luckily the flavor is all real. Very mild flavor with a fairly traditional blend of botanicals, including the addition of fennel, the saffron really envelops the tongue. Not mixed well with vermouth, it shouldn’t be used for martinis but rather enjoyed in a simpler state.

Imported from France, 80 Proof from Gabriel Boudier

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