I’ve had mine for about 2 weeks and come home everyday to immaculate hardwood floors and freshly vacuumed bedroom carpet. Living in the city keeps things pretty dusty, and dark hardwood floors don’t help much either, but my ‘Johnny 5’ Roomba has got me covered. It can be pretty amusing to watch clean in it’s sporadic looking dance, but I prefer being surprised each time I come home. Complete with a 7 day scheduler, auto cleaning, auto brush adjustment for hardwood floors and carpet and docking, it does it all for you- just program and forget.

Cleaning up after a hard day’s work can sometimes make you want to leave the grease on. You tend to leave the shower smelling like your girlfriend or some fairy princess- all glowing and flowery. No wonder after you give a dog a bath, he runs to the first grass field, mud puddle or planter. Finally something rough around the edges for us. No ‘gentle’ loofah or shower gel poof – this super-scratchy scrub mitt will actually get the dirt and grime off. Finish it off with some manly spice Fisherman’s Soap, Spicy Shave Gel, Bay Oil Rum, and Fisherman’s Hand Butter. It will leave you clean and preserve your manliness. Plus the paint can opener can also open your