Twist has put a whole new turn on home automation and integration with their bluetooth wireless speaker that lives inside an LED lightbulb. Not only can your lightbulb play music, but it also alters the light color output throughout the day. If you are one of those people wearing blueblockers at night, then you will appreciate the automatic changing from blue ‘waking’ light in the morning to soft warm light in the evening. Oh yeah, did we mention it also has a speaker in it?! Now, moving on to the speaker part of it, a wireless bluetooth speaker that uses the same technology as BOSE and Bang & Olufsen to deliver craze-amaze sound out of a tiny driver. Using airplay

It’s not often you find a device like this, an object that represents great innovation and superb design, in a home appliance. Usually reserved for the fancy mobile devices and audio gadgets, the lowly thermostat just got a makeover. Amusing is the fact that it is actually based on a design from the dawn of temperature regulation, one which we are probably all familiar with since it seems they were probably in about 99% of the homes built before 1990. You know what I’m talking about, that twist adjusting wall hubcap or airplane nosecone usually in an color reminiscent of the 70’s or a smoke-stained white. It’s just been iPoded. Nest not only has a nano looking touchscreen, its got

I’ve had mine for about 2 weeks and come home everyday to immaculate hardwood floors and freshly vacuumed bedroom carpet. Living in the city keeps things pretty dusty, and dark hardwood floors don’t help much either, but my ‘Johnny 5’ Roomba has got me covered. It can be pretty amusing to watch clean in it’s sporadic looking dance, but I prefer being surprised each time I come home. Complete with a 7 day scheduler, auto cleaning, auto brush adjustment for hardwood floors and carpet and docking, it does it all for you- just program and forget.