Is it a candle, a mini fireplace, a huge lighter, a flaming art piece? It could be all of the above. Nu-Flame combines glass, wood, steel and fire to create these tabletop fireplaces that burn clean bio-ethanol fuel. This means a clean, smokeless flame in unique patterns to create dazzling ambiance. Place it on your desk, inside or outdoors, even mount it on your wall for a modern take on a medieval lighting feature. Find their whole line at Nu-Flame or get a great deal from Touch of Modern. [ad name=”go-STIL-smbanner”] Cero, Irradia and Caldo Fireplaces by Nu-Flame from $89

Nothing tastes like a fresh mountain stream- as if you know. Bottled water promises us the mountains, but delivers it in a plastic bottle, and who knows where its really from? The Design Within Reach water pitcher delivers on that, and so much more. A lil different than your regular Britta water filter pitcher- a plastic pitcher with a little mystery plastic insert that rattles. No flimsy lame plastic here, just glass and steel. The filter elements are even manly and on display. Hunks of sticks and stones to clean your water and make it taste like a real mountain stream minus the fish pee. $85 from Design Within Reach