Where would be the sweetest place to have a bar? In the sky of course! Well unless you are Richard Branson, that ain’t happening any time soon, so why not bring the Jet to your bar. This wrap-around jet-setting alcohol refueling station is made from the cowling of a 747 passenger jet, giving it that high-flying feel. Pair it with some genuine jump seat bar-stools and you are set. Damn, it’s sexy! Find it on Motoart for a pretty penny. [via chic ecologist]

Nothing tastes like a fresh mountain stream- as if you know. Bottled water promises us the mountains, but delivers it in a plastic bottle, and who knows where its really from? The Design Within Reach water pitcher delivers on that, and so much more. A lil different than your regular Britta water filter pitcher- a plastic pitcher with a little mystery plastic insert that rattles. No flimsy lame plastic here, just glass and steel. The filter elements are even manly and on display. Hunks of sticks and stones to clean your water and make it taste like a real mountain stream minus the fish pee. $85 from Design Within Reach

Another creative way to drink your martini in style, the double-walled glass provides insulation, keeping beverages cold for much longer than conventional barware. Made from hand-blown glass, Alissia Melka-Teichroew has turned the traditional glass for your graceful champagne, demure liqueur, and conical martini on its head. $48 and up – Manufactured & Distributed by Charles & Marie Inc.

Nothing says strong and industrial like concrete, so you can feel more manly than ever (and work on those biceps at the same time) with a set of these Concrete Tumblers from 25togo. Drink your scotch or kool-aid with scruff and style, but you better hurry, these don’t hang around very long. Oh, and uh, keep them away from oceans and lakes cause they don’t float. $40 from Charles and Marie [via gonna have it ]