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Coin multi card storageI’ve been trying to bring a minimalist simplicity I enjoy in other parts of my life to my wallet for years now. It evolved from the tri-fold wallet, to the bi-fold, then to the card wallet. I’ve toyed with the idea of a simplistic money clip, but I’ve never been able to fit all of my cards in there. I mean, you have your ATM card, 2 credit cards (one Visa, one Amex), drivers license, health insurance card, transit card, not to mention the actual cash needed in the city. That is may paired-down list too! Gym membership card, car insurance card, business credit card, starbucks card… you get the idea.

Coin takes care of all of this with it’s scanner, storage and reader solution. It is no bigger than your existing card, but it carries up to 8, with unlimited stored within the mobile app for transfer whenever. It also has advanced security features in case you lose it. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this to become a reality.

$50 Pre-order (with this link) – Coin

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