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On my last visit to New York, I stumbled onto a leather textile shop filled with various leather bag designs, from leather satchels to messenger bags and purses. Since I have been on the hunt for ‘The Perfect’ leather duffel travel bag, I was intrigued by many of the label designer like shapes and designs. I quickly became a fan of their ‘Style #102’ contrasting brown leather duffel due to its rugged, handmade construction with a thick and supple leather unlike any I have found previous. A beefy, sturdy zipper and water-resistant green ballistic nylon lining sealed the deal. Well worth a look if you are looking for a designer style at a lower price and much higher handmade quality with better materials, leather, zipper and hardware.

The artisan looking store is located in Manhattan at 333 Greenwich Ave (corner of 10th & Charles St) or online at josephhannaleather.com. Just follow the scent of high quality leather and be ready for a ‘hard sell’ as they can be a bit pushy- but the goods are well worth it.

Pictured bags by Joseph Hana starting at $465

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