Always on the lookout for a quality slim leather wallet/card holder, this unique design caught my eye and I’ve fallen for it bigtime. Probably one of my favorite accessories (besides a timepiece, or dare I say it- watch), is the wallet. My style began with a sweet florescent Velcro tri-fold from when I was 13 and needed somewhere to hold the $26 from my first paycheck. Then in High School, it was a leather tri-fold with a huge photo-album style insert for pictures. Over time I increased the need for slots, pockets and folds to carry my life in, even developing the notorious ‘fat-wallet’ pattern on the rear-pocket of my jeans. Then I discovered another way (only slightly guided by

It’s happy hour somewhere in the world. With a bar globe you can actually back that statement up while you fetch yourself a drink. Having a bar in your office is somewhat Mad Men ‘esque, but having it contained within a vintage globe, it would do just as well in your home library or sunken living room. I’m partial to these since they are made in Italy with 16th century maps using traditional paper gores, and contain illustrated constellations within the inner dome. Bellissimo! Vintage Floor Globe bar – from $725 at [ad name=”go-STIL-smbanner”]

There is something about a great Islay single malt scotch that really captures me. Traditionally I am a fan of Ardberg, Lagavulin and Laphroaig (the really smokey and peaty scotchs) but it can be difficult to drink a lot of those throughout the evening as they can overwhelm the palate. This is when I usually switch to a smoother blend, such as a Johnny Walker Gold or Black, or even my everyday classic: The Glenlivet 12 year. That is until now. The Glenlivet 15 Year French Oak Reserve is a Speyside scotch that is smooth and easy drinking, but has a flavor and character that sets it apart. It is a bit more expensive that the 12 year, but provides

The discount designer fashion online shopping battle is commencing with Amazon launching it’s new MYHABIT website. With the future of online fashion shopping for discount designers becoming a real growth area, the success of Gilt Groupe has caught the attention of many online shopping giants. This isn’t the first and probably won’t be the last showdown of online discount fashion. Let’s take a look at the contenders: Item View: MYHABIT: Style notes, model size, photos & video modeling Gilt: Style notes, model size & photos With a very similar layout and process, the only real difference is that MYHABIT boasts a video modeling session with your item. I find this extremely helpful, giving you a better feel for fit, how

Bags for men can be a bit of a hit or miss journey. It can be difficult to traverse travel bags for men by handbag and luggage designers such as Coach or Louis Vuitton, but rian has done it quite brilliantly. I must say his handbag line for women is pretty spot on too. Leather overnight or weekend bags to messenger bags, rian has managed to combine classic looks with modern style with his artistic designs and use of hardware. Rian Bags pictured from $128 to $425 – at rianstore [ad name=”go-STIL-smbanner”]

Being as i just moved, I’ve been spending a lot of time looking for suitable furniture. My favorites overall have been the tufted leather club chairs I have seen from Four Hands furniture. In a dark, weathered leather, these handcrafted with seven stages of staining, sealing and buffing giving it that authentic aged and weathered distressed look. Upholstered seating you would find in an upscale smoking club in Tribeca, or an ultra chic Southbeach Miami nightclub, these individually tacked nail heads create the tufts in the leather which have been antiqued with linseed oil and talc require 8-14 hours to create the finish. The three pictured are the Conrad Club Chair in Espresso leather from the Carnegie Vintage Leather collection,

On my last visit to New York, I stumbled onto a leather textile shop filled with various leather bag designs, from leather satchels to messenger bags and purses. Since I have been on the hunt for ‘The Perfect’ leather duffel travel bag, I was intrigued by many of the label designer like shapes and designs. I quickly became a fan of their ‘Style #102’ contrasting brown leather duffel due to its rugged, handmade construction with a thick and supple leather unlike any I have found previous. A beefy, sturdy zipper and water-resistant green ballistic nylon lining sealed the deal. Well worth a look if you are looking for a designer style at a lower price and much higher handmade quality

As you may have noticed from previous timepiece postings on my IWC and desired Ulysse Nardin watches, I am quite the affectionado for these man-sessories. That being said, the timepiece strap can really make or break the whole look, much like the right wheels on a car or the frame on a painting- it just brings it all together. I have searched and found the most amazing custom hand-made leather watch bands worthy to be paired with such high-caliber watches. Attila Aszodi crafts these bands from Shell Cordovan leather for their softness and durability. The unique 2 piece leather designs are strong and sporty, with a touch of class. Available in limited quantities, the varying colors and widths make it

It used to be your signature was enough, but with fraud more rampant than ever, Montblanc have come up with a very expensive and unique solution. Personalized Ink DNA. If that’s not enough, they give you an exquisite gold plated, diamond encrusted Meisterstuck pen to deliver the ink. If you have enough money to purchase this set, then you probably aren’t signing anything yourself, but damn does it look great! The ink has a special botanical ‘DNA’ which can be identified and traced back to the owners ink and pen. Since I’m a bit scared of the price of the pen set, i can’t imagine how much it costs to extract and match pen DNA if ever there is a

I don’t know if it is just the beauty of the watch or their targeting marketing towards poor Marine Biologists (of which I myself am), but I am smitten with the new 160th year Anniversary Edition Marine Chronometer by Ulysse Nardin. It has nothing to do with it’s platinum case or sapphire crystals, its just beautiful, classy and understated- just like all marine biologists like their watches. Ref. Nr. 269-65 Diameter 43 mm Case Platinum Dial genuine white enamel dial Movement UN-26 Power-reserve Approx. 42 hours Winding Self-winding Water-resistant 200 meters Crystal Sapphire crystals Strap Leather strap Buckle type Folding clasp With only 160 of them made, I doubt adding a link is going to help you find one (even