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Custom Leather Watch Band

Two piece leather watch strap

Attila Aszodi custom leather timepiece band

As you may have noticed from previous timepiece postings on my IWC and desired Ulysse Nardin watches, I am quite the affectionado for these man-sessories. That being said, the timepiece strap can really make or break the whole look, much like the right wheels on a car or the frame on a painting- it just brings it all together.

I have searched and found the most amazing custom hand-made leather watch bands worthy to be paired with such high-caliber watches. Attila Aszodi crafts these bands from Shell Cordovan leather for their softness and durability. The unique 2 piece leather designs are strong and sporty, with a touch of class.

Available in limited quantities, the varying colors and widths make it possible to find the perfect match for your timepiece.

Starting at $275 from Attila Aszodi Custom Designs

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