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Raphael Quality Goods Lean Wallet

Always on the lookout for a quality slim leather wallet/card holder, this unique design caught my eye and I’ve fallen for it bigtime. Probably one of my favorite accessories (besides a timepiece, or dare I say it- watch), is the wallet. My style began with a sweet florescent Velcro tri-fold from when I was 13 and needed somewhere to hold the $26 from my first paycheck. Then in High School, it was a leather tri-fold with a huge photo-album style insert for pictures. Over time I increased the need for slots, pockets and folds to carry my life in, even developing the notorious ‘fat-wallet’ pattern on the rear-pocket of my jeans.

Then I discovered another way (only slightly guided by the introduction of slim fitting pants). I paired down the credit cards, did away with the business cards, photographs, and receipt hoarding ways. The card-holder was my new best friend. Four slots and a pocket was all I needed, and I slowly whittled down my pocket carry-all, looking for any way to reduce the load for a slimmer look. For a while, I was infatuated with money clips (which I still utilize from time to time).

I also dabbled in brands- a classic plain brown leather Coach card holder, a nicely patterned Jack Spade, a two-toned leather Paul Smith, and one of my all time favorites- the beautifully stitched Tods card holder. All this has brought me here.

The Lean™ Essentials Wallet by Raphael Quality Goods Co has reinvented the slim wallet category. The single-piece design is brilliant, and although it adds a bit of thickness to the wallet, it addresses the ‘smooshing’ on the corners and stitching typical of a worn card holder. No longer does my wallet look like the corners want to explode, but rather a nice overall wear has encompassed the leather (it’s what I always wanted from my other card holders). Hand built with quality materials, Raphael doesn’t skimp, and you can notice it in the details. Care and attention throughout the process reminiscent of the care old-world bespoke tailors, every detail is looked after. From the custom monogramming, down to the decadent packaging, Raphael is a true craftsman.

leather card holder

Raphael Quality Goods Co LEAN™ ESSENTIALS WALLET – from $65

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