Wifi Speaker lightbulb

Wireless speaker

Twist has put a whole new turn on home automation and integration with their bluetooth wireless speaker that lives inside an LED lightbulb. Not only can your lightbulb play music, but it also alters the light color output throughout the day. If you are one of those people wearing blueblockers at night, then you will appreciate the automatic changing from blue ‘waking’ light in the morning to soft warm light in the evening. Oh yeah, did we mention it also has a speaker in it?!

wireless home speaker

Now, moving on to the speaker part of it, a wireless bluetooth speaker that uses the same technology as BOSE and Bang & Olufsen to deliver craze-amaze sound out of a tiny driver. Using airplay (or whatever fancy app you like), you can connect multiple speakers in your room without needing a hub or connecting device.

Twist Wireless Bluetooth Speaker LED Smart Bulb – $199 ($129 pre-order) from Twist

Save $25 for a limited time if you use this link to pre-order – Twist

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