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Now a staple in my sock drawer, I probably have more Happy Socks than anything else, including athletic socks. Extremely versatile, they add a splash of understated color (well… under something, mainly a pant leg) to any outfit. I used to just wear them properly matched (similar to a pocket square, you should probably use a common color palate) with all suits and dress slacks. I’ve since begun pairing them with jeans or anytime I have dress shoes, including casual wingtips or cap-toes.

Basically the only think I won’t pair these colorful patterned socks with are athletic shoes. While many dudes may think this is a silly and unnecessary accessory, I can assure you, I have received nothing but positive feedback from women and style conscious executives and work superiors. I actually think my socks played a large role in a favorable outcome to a job interview (I now work there).

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