front door camera

Front Door Security

Know who is at your door without being there. A brilliant concept, especially in today’s remote connected world where you can unlock a door, turn a light on, or trigger a trap door. Peeple has addressed the is anyone home problem by creating the answering machine of in-person visits.

A tiny camera takes a photo through your peep hole and sends it to your smart phone via wifi. It can be triggered by events such as a door knock, doorbell, or the opening or closing of the door. A great and simple product, makes me wonder if it will soon be available in video format soon as well. There are great security implications, or it can be integrated into your smart home in a variety of ways.

…caller ID for your front door.

It only needs to be charged about once every six months, and no price has been set, but it is expected it to be “less than competitive doorbell offerings on the market”.

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