Focal Standing Desk

I’ve been into the upright standing workstations lately, but most of these office furniture designs leave a bit to be desired. Given the health benefits of standing over sitting all day, I think it is something I could really get into. I already have a cheap standing desk, but if I had my way (and didn’t work at a non-profit) I would opt for the Locus Workstation by Focal.

modern office deskergonomic standing desk

Not only is it a wonderful design allowing one to stand, lean or sit, it’s just pretty! Of course there are plenty of accessories to gussy up your office workstation and really bling it out if so inclined. So if you are at a chic startup, architecture or design firm, I think you just found your new desk.

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Locus Workstation starting at $1,980 complete from Focal

1 thought on “Modern Standing Desk Design – Focal Locus

  1. Thanks so much for giving the Locus Workstation a shout out! Yes, standing desks are absolutely a move in the right direction, but standing can get tiring after an hour or two, so now folks have an option to use the Locus Seat that splits the difference between sitting and standing. It’ll be interesting to see what the office of, say, ten years from now will look like now that we know sitting for long hours is so bad for us . . .

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