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Modern Qlocktwo Clock

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Qlocktwo in Russian

Italian Modern clock

How cool is this clock? Available as a wall clock or a smaller desktop table clock, the CLOCKTWO is a modern text clock giving you the time as a sentence. Handmade in Germany, these beautifully crafted works of art makes me do a double take as I now mistake my wall for a modern art gallery.

Available in several languages (I was considering buying it in Italian to keep up my foreign language reading skills), it is a very unique and innovative way of displaying time. Thanks to technology, we are able to now devolve (or possibly re-evolve) our clocks to an even more ‘analog’ way- straight up words. The beautifully elegant word-search way of hiding the word combinations making up the time is brilliant.

The QLOCKTWO gives you the time as text in 5 minute intervals (much as we do if a stranger was to ask us the time on the street and we happen to be wearing a fabulous analog timepiece), and to get more specific, there are lights in each corner to alert you to the precise minute.

QLOCKTWO From $600 and up at Biegert & Funk

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