How cool is this clock? Available as a wall clock or a smaller desktop table clock, the CLOCKTWO is a modern text clock giving you the time as a sentence. Handmade in Germany, these beautifully crafted works of art makes me do a double take as I now mistake my wall for a modern art gallery. Available in several languages (I was considering buying it in Italian to keep up my foreign language reading skills), it is a very unique and innovative way of displaying time. Thanks to technology, we are able to now devolve (or possibly re-evolve) our clocks to an even more ‘analog’ way- straight up words. The beautifully elegant word-search way of hiding the word combinations making

As you may have noticed from previous timepiece postings on my IWC and desired Ulysse Nardin watches, I am quite the affectionado for these man-sessories. That being said, the timepiece strap can really make or break the whole look, much like the right wheels on a car or the frame on a painting- it just brings it all together. I have searched and found the most amazing custom hand-made leather watch bands worthy to be paired with such high-caliber watches. Attila Aszodi crafts these bands from Shell Cordovan leather for their softness and durability. The unique 2 piece leather designs are strong and sporty, with a touch of class. Available in limited quantities, the varying colors and widths make it

Say hello to my new little friend – the IWC Classic Pilots Chronograph (original 3706 ‘Flieger’). I am a huge fan of timepieces. Not only are they pretty much the only real Man-sessory (man-accessory), but they can tell you so much about a person. Take a simple Rolex Explorer – its subtle, classy, a bit dressy and its a Rolex. I would assume the owner much like their watch- well dressed, but subtle. Being that it is a Rolex, I would assume the person either likes Rolex’s, or they wanted a nice watch, but didn’t know much beyond the standard Rolex, Omega, Tag and Breitling. I am an IWC fan. Their watches are classic, not too over the top, but