Recently I happened upon a curious pink marbled block at an upscale grocery store which caught my attention. What was this odd culinary delight, why is it here, and how does it work? It happened to be a huge brick of what I usually keep pebble sized in a grinder next to my stove, pink Himalayan salt. As useful as it is beautiful, these blocks an bricks can be used for baking, curing, flavoring and for presentation. I even saw one carved into a bowl for preparing and presenting salads, imparting a hint of salt and further enhancing its flavor. The blocks can be used as a cooking element in the oven since they are able to hold and retain

Just as exciting as a new pair of shoes, is great food. The satisfaction from a delicious meal is unparalleled, a truly worthwhile life enhancing experience. It seems here in the US, this can be a bit of a rarity, especially what is commonly available from grocery stores. I had yet to find anything close to the amazing flavor of cured meats and salami I sampled throughout Italy, until now. Cristiano Creminelli uses choice cuts, prepared in old world tradition using small family farms and organic spices for his handmade artisan meats. There is no need for a cracker or cheese, simply enjoy each variety on its own- the flavors will captivate your palate di per sé. My personal favorites