I’ve been in the market for a new peacoat ever since moving back to the San Francisco bay area. It’s kind of a prerequisite for winter, and as much as I love the traditional navy blue, I decided to go with a charcoal grey to coordinate with the oodles black we San Franciscans wear. Top of my list was the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat, specifically the Trunk Club edition, which was a charcoal grey with the most fantastic appointments of leather and details. A tougher find, the charcoal color was a limited edition (although they currently sell it in other colors). The Bond coat is actually featured in the James Bond Skyfall movie, although the name originated from the flagship

This beautiful shaped wood hanging wine bottle rack is the brainchild of Antonio Lages & Angela Ladeiro. Part of Legnoart, this Italian company is founded on the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Award-winning with extreme attention to detail, the innovative design is combined with eco friendly materials and redefines modern kitchenware. [ad name=”STIL-Medrec”] I’m particular to the look with, or without bottles present (or really any combination thereof). A real eye pleaser, and space saver, this design holds up to 10 wine bottles by their necks on your wall in a decorative way. Display your amazing collection with a modern chic designed rack. Done. Enoteca by Legnoart – $54 from Amazon

I know, it’s only coffee you are saying, but that’s only because you haven’t tried it! I liken it to a great scotch, it’s all about the flavor and the buzz. I have never had a coffee buzz like this before, and believe me, it was fantastic. I generally stay away from drip brew coffee in favor of the espresso variety (Caffe Americano’s, Cappuccino’s, Macchiato’s, etc…), and wow did I find heaven in a cup. Browse Blue Bottle Coffee Companies espresso blends on their website, or find it at a local non-chain cafe. ~$16 a pound from Blue Bottle Coffee [ad name=”go-STIL-smbanner”]

It’s happy hour somewhere in the world. With a bar globe you can actually back that statement up while you fetch yourself a drink. Having a bar in your office is somewhat Mad Men ‘esque, but having it contained within a vintage globe, it would do just as well in your home library or sunken living room. I’m partial to these since they are made in Italy with 16th century maps using traditional paper gores, and contain illustrated constellations within the inner dome. Bellissimo! Vintage Floor Globe bar – from $725 at barglobeworld.com [ad name=”go-STIL-smbanner”]

Who doesn’t love a nice pair of leather boots? The John Varvatos lace up ankle boot has all the trimmings of a great casual boot to last a long time while aging gracefully. Shall I list them off? Designer Italian leather tops (very important to have a quality leather top) Leather soles (means the sole will literally mold to your foot over time) Rounded cap toe (a classic style which will out live the ‘square toe box’ fad) Having owned many pairs of shoes, I have come to notice that my more expensive ($250+) shoes not only break in and become more comfortable, but they also last forever. I may be a bit hard on my shoes, but it seems

It hasn’t been that long since I bought my most recent motorcycle, the Ducati 848, and already they are releasing a redesign for the 1198, and wow is it gorgeous! The Ducati 1199 Panigale appears to have a shorter frame, but actually has a longer wheelbase and larger rear tire. It features a much shortened exhaust that sits at the base of the engine almost integrated with the lower fairing, and some wicked new lighting. All and all a beautiful motorcycle with a tad of Tron in my opinion. The stats aren’t too shy either, boasting 10kg less weight and 25hp more power than it’s predecessor, the 1199 is balanced perfectly with the rider positioned on the bike. Check out

These beauties are not only unconventional, they are also traditional. Take a beautifully styled Italian dress shoe and mix in some interesting, but tastefully muted colors and a bit of suede, and voila. Complete with a foot molding leather sole and a 3/4″ heel, the Italian suede leather is dyed a salvia and ras color and is completed by a perforated trim. I’m imagining the perfect outing in these shoes as a game of croquet in a polo shirt and shorts followed up by a cooling afternoon cocktail on the patio at the club. Any takers? $475 from Antonio Maurizi [ad name=”go-STIL-smbanner”]

A beautiful pair of casually dressy cap-toes, I love the simple, clean lines with the lightly weathered broken-in leather. Alexander McQueen designs can sometimes be a bit over the top and edgy, but these are just classic and beautiful. Available in both black and brown, these leather soled beauties are made in Italy. $670.00 from Barneys New York [ad name=”go-STIL-smbanner”]

Made famous by Daniel Craigs 007 role of James bond in Quantum of Solace, the Tom Ford TF 108 sunglasses are simply epic. Replacing the traditionally Persol wearing James Bond, these Tom Fords have a noticeably edgier look. Not your traditional aviator sunglasses, this style eliminates the lower bridge bar in favor of a stylish ‘beefier’ top bridge bar. It also features a narrower width for a more fitted look and feel. Leather wrapped temple hooks add to the style and fit, keeping them nice and snug on the face. Made in Italy. $450 from Tom Ford *although they have been seen on amazon for as little as $199 [ad name=”go-STIL-smbanner”]

Just as exciting as a new pair of shoes, is great food. The satisfaction from a delicious meal is unparalleled, a truly worthwhile life enhancing experience. It seems here in the US, this can be a bit of a rarity, especially what is commonly available from grocery stores. I had yet to find anything close to the amazing flavor of cured meats and salami I sampled throughout Italy, until now. Cristiano Creminelli uses choice cuts, prepared in old world tradition using small family farms and organic spices for his handmade artisan meats. There is no need for a cracker or cheese, simply enjoy each variety on its own- the flavors will captivate your palate di per sé. My personal favorites