I’m sure there are some people out there asking, what are the guys on ABC’s The Bachelorette wearing? Well I do have insight on one of the Bachelors- Jean-Paul. What was he wearing on that first night where he met Emily Maynard? Let’s break it down: Suit: Custom tailored bespoke two button, two piece charcoal suit Shirt: Hugo Boss maroon and black striped dress shirt with white patterning Tie: Hugo Boss skinny argyle patterned sheer silk tie Shoes: Antonio Maurizi grey perforated wingtip oxfords. Socks: Happy Socks black, pink and powder blue stripes. Timepiece (watch): IWC Pilots Chronometer It seems there was a lot of Hugo Boss formal wear on the first night, and at least 3 more of the

Yes, I’m a dude and I am saying I like Gossip Girl, although it may not be what you think. I actually think the show is pretty good for what it is, even though its not my usual cup of tea. What I do notice is that Gossip Girl characters fashion influence. I travel to New York often, and between the two coasts, there is a definite disconnect when it comes to fashion. Sometimes its a lag, where you will see it in New York first, then it trickles to San Francisco and LA over time, whether it be months or even a year or so, but Gossip Girl is changing that. Almost immediately after an episode of Gossip Girl,