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The discount designer fashion online shopping battle is commencing with Amazon launching it’s new MYHABIT website. With the future of online fashion shopping for discount designers becoming a real growth area, the success of Gilt Groupe has caught the attention of many online shopping giants. This isn’t the first and probably won’t be the last showdown of online discount fashion. Let’s take a look at the contenders:

MYHABIT Discount DesignersGilt Groupe Discount Fashion

Item View:

MYHABIT: Style notes, model size, photos & video modeling
Gilt: Style notes, model size & photos
With a very similar layout and process, the only real difference is that MYHABIT boasts a video modeling session with your item. I find this extremely helpful, giving you a better feel for fit, how the clothing will lay and move. Combined with knowing the model’s size, it’s as close to a dressing room you are going to get online. Hopefully one day, you will be able to upload your measurements and see an exact duplicate person modeling your clothes, but until then…


MYHABIT: Full Store credit
Gilt: Full store credit or Cash minus shipping fee
Both sites offer returns on most of their items, and while Gilt recently added a cash back return policy (minus it’s new lower shipping costs), MYHABIT gives you a ‘store credit’. Fortunately this extends to the entire Amazon network and can be used to purchase anything on MYHABIT,, or


Gilt: $5.95 on entire order
Recently Gilt reduced their shipping on all orders (except for special items like rugs and furniture) to $5.95, but MYHABIT offers free shipping. Both offer free return shipping on any returnable items, usually within 21 days of purchase.


While you can’t get deals like you once could, it seems as though Gilt has fewer and fewer ‘great’ deals, mostly due to their increasing popularity and demand for the best items. I would call this an even match as you can sometimes get the better deal on Gilt, other times on MYHABIT.


Gilt – Hands down for men.
Gilt has really ramped up their selection, and with multiple sales beginning everyday, there is usually 15 or more consecutive sales for clothing alone, not to mention their excellent home, gift, and travel sections as well. Don’t count MYHABIT out yet though. I am sure with the power of Amazon behind them, it will only be a matter of time until we will see a true ‘head to head’ matchup between these two online fashion shopping giants.

Find fashion from Gilt Groupe and MYHABIT

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