There are many ways to add subtle color accents to dress up your outfit, to show a bit of fun, color or style. Many times you find them on jacket linings, button hole stitching, and bright fun socks, but enter a new (but actually old and traditional) way to add a little color. Dress shoes can be spruced up with colorful laces, with varying degrees. Subtle color combinations such as dark brown cap-toes with caramel laces, beige oxfords with salmon laces, or oxblood wingtips with grey laces. I prefer the understated, yet complementary colors, but there may be an occasion when I want to dress up those grey suede shoes with a pair of blue laces to go with a

I feel like I should be sipping a gimlet or mint julep at the track with these on, although that is pretty far from where I am. Nevertheless, they are beautifully crafted with some interesting style points. Much like suede elbow patches, it softens the look a bit, bringing it a bit more towards casual, but staying smart. These Brown leather Derby shoes from Folk are fitted with suede panel heels and leather lining and soles. Of course they are handmade from soft, supple leather and would fit in with jeans, tweed or a seersucker suit. From $380 (on sale for $190!) on Mr Porter [ad name=”go-STIL-smbanner”]

Who doesn’t love a nice pair of leather boots? The John Varvatos lace up ankle boot has all the trimmings of a great casual boot to last a long time while aging gracefully. Shall I list them off? Designer Italian leather tops (very important to have a quality leather top) Leather soles (means the sole will literally mold to your foot over time) Rounded cap toe (a classic style which will out live the ‘square toe box’ fad) Having owned many pairs of shoes, I have come to notice that my more expensive ($250+) shoes not only break in and become more comfortable, but they also last forever. I may be a bit hard on my shoes, but it seems

These beauties are not only unconventional, they are also traditional. Take a beautifully styled Italian dress shoe and mix in some interesting, but tastefully muted colors and a bit of suede, and voila. Complete with a foot molding leather sole and a 3/4″ heel, the Italian suede leather is dyed a salvia and ras color and is completed by a perforated trim. I’m imagining the perfect outing in these shoes as a game of croquet in a polo shirt and shorts followed up by a cooling afternoon cocktail on the patio at the club. Any takers? $475 from Antonio Maurizi [ad name=”go-STIL-smbanner”]

The discount designer fashion online shopping battle is commencing with Amazon launching it’s new MYHABIT website. With the future of online fashion shopping for discount designers becoming a real growth area, the success of Gilt Groupe has caught the attention of many online shopping giants. This isn’t the first and probably won’t be the last showdown of online discount fashion. Let’s take a look at the contenders: Item View: MYHABIT: Style notes, model size, photos & video modeling Gilt: Style notes, model size & photos With a very similar layout and process, the only real difference is that MYHABIT boasts a video modeling session with your item. I find this extremely helpful, giving you a better feel for fit, how

If you recall the 80’s, you must surely remember the hot running shoes of the time, Kangaroos or ‘Roos’ for short. I remembered how bad I wanted these back in the day, I mean who didn’t want a shoe with pockets? I think I used to keep a quarter in mine, but just the ability to put something in a pocket in your shoe was mind-blowing. The other day I saw my friend wearing a pair of ‘Roos’ and just about lost it as I thought they had disappeared with the 80’s. Retro style old-skool running shoes are definitely making a comeback and while the throwback New Balance shoes are cool, Kangaroos are totally unique and authentic. These were actually

A beautiful pair of casually dressy cap-toes, I love the simple, clean lines with the lightly weathered broken-in leather. Alexander McQueen designs can sometimes be a bit over the top and edgy, but these are just classic and beautiful. Available in both black and brown, these leather soled beauties are made in Italy. $670.00 from Barneys New York [ad name=”go-STIL-smbanner”]

These boots make me want to go to the desert so I don’t feel like a poser. The grey suede, stitching and just overall look from these Costume National Homme Desert Boots look at home on the LA beach ‘desert’ if you know what I mean. The Italian made desert boots are equipped with a traction rubber sole and a 1.25″ heel. Oh, and you gotta love the heel loop- style elements to boot! Grey Suede Desert Boots by Costume National Homme – $605Purchase from Gilt [ad name=”go-STIL-smbanner”]

Is it really the best of both worlds? I have always been a fan of cap-toes, and perforated dress shoes are making quite the statement today- so what of the combination? I personally am a fan. They also exue all the other great traits of a well made shoe: Handmade, Italian leather, leather soles and heel, and the detailed stitching and design. Mmmm tasty brown leather shoes. $355 from Generic Man Available from Gilt [ad name=”go-STIL-smbanner”]

Nothing beats a new pair of dress shoes- and the British sure know how to make them. Grenson has outfitted foot soldiers and the cavalry in both World Wars, but has maintained their dressy nature and build quality. With double leather soles which mold to your foot to the classic styles, you can’t go wrong with any of them. My personal favorites are the Grenson Noble Leather Oxford Wingtips. With the slim leather sole, uniquely classic perforation patterns and supple leather give me a tingle in the toes. $320 from Grenson Shoes Available from Glit [ad name=”go-STIL-smbanner”]