It hasn’t been that long since I bought my most recent motorcycle, the Ducati 848, and already they are releasing a redesign for the 1198, and wow is it gorgeous! The Ducati 1199 Panigale appears to have a shorter frame, but actually has a longer wheelbase and larger rear tire. It features a much shortened exhaust that sits at the base of the engine almost integrated with the lower fairing, and some wicked new lighting. All and all a beautiful motorcycle with a tad of Tron in my opinion. The stats aren’t too shy either, boasting 10kg less weight and 25hp more power than it’s predecessor, the 1199 is balanced perfectly with the rider positioned on the bike. Check out

Motorcycles are a thing of passion, beauty and freedom. None expresses this quite like the Ducati 848. Now I know you may be wondering why I didn’t just go big and pick the 1098 or 1198- mainly because I value my life. I speak from experience here having test ridden the Ducati 1098 around downtown Seattle (and the nearby freeways). Here is my conclusion: Ducati 848: It can kill you just as easily as the 1098 Great for real-world riding and maintenance Same sexy looks Available in white Ducati 1098/1198: Can kill you faster then the 848 Difficult to control at low speeds …like your girlfriend Will easily buck you and/or rip your head off …also like your girlfriend Has

Slightly random, but very impressive. A conversion of a Russian BRDM (Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle) armored car into a pimpin’ off road luxury transport. Fitted with an intense sound system, GPS Navigation, TVs, DVD players and an amazing custom leather interior conversion, its like climbing into a limo. There is some disagreement as to whether this baby can swim (amphibious vehicle), but it is equipped with a periscope and most likely night vision as well so you can anonymously stare at your admirers. via, pics from