Bold statement, yes, but also true. These are bar-none my favorite, most versatile pants I have come across. Plus, they are: Slim-fitting for a ‘Smart’ Look Comfortable High Quality and Durable Inexpensive Sure these aren’t going to replace your slacks or dress pants, unless you work in San Francisco. I went a bit overboard and recently bought 4 pairs (in addition to the two I already had) to diversify my color palate. I now wear them almost exclusively to work, and many times on the weekend paired with a t-shirt and flip flops. …and they come in so many different colors! You break them in and wear them just as you would a pair of jeans. Of course they would,

A leisure sport long enjoyed by Brazilians and starting to make a comeback on California beaches, parks and backyards, Frescobol is the original paddle-ball. Since just about everything 80’s is making a big comeback, why not smashball? At least these beautifully crafted paddles will bring some class and style to a game commonly associated with plastic and out-of-control kids. Merriment Hardware is a San Francisco company that handcrafts each reclaimed hardwood fresco paddle to order in their small workshop. To show their support for play, they donate 10% of their profits to the California State Parks Foundation to make sure you will always have a place for Frescobol. Each set includes two paddles, a rubber racquetball and a sweet cotton

There is something rugged and nostalgic about leather elbow patches, shoulders, and hunting gear. Even though I am not a hunter, I do appreciate the style influenced by the function and practicality of reinforced areas. This cotton henley by N.I.C.E. Collective is no exception, featuring the contrast collar with extended contrast shoulder panel and netted cotton overlay. I have been taken by this San Francisco based designer on several occasions (I own and love my NICE Collective wool peacoat) and tend to snap up their rare and hard to find designs, too bad I missed this one! Hunters henley by NICE Collective [ad name=”go-STIL-smbanner”]

Who doesn’t love a nice pair of leather boots? The John Varvatos lace up ankle boot has all the trimmings of a great casual boot to last a long time while aging gracefully. Shall I list them off? Designer Italian leather tops (very important to have a quality leather top) Leather soles (means the sole will literally mold to your foot over time) Rounded cap toe (a classic style which will out live the ‘square toe box’ fad) Having owned many pairs of shoes, I have come to notice that my more expensive ($250+) shoes not only break in and become more comfortable, but they also last forever. I may be a bit hard on my shoes, but it seems

If you recall the 80’s, you must surely remember the hot running shoes of the time, Kangaroos or ‘Roos’ for short. I remembered how bad I wanted these back in the day, I mean who didn’t want a shoe with pockets? I think I used to keep a quarter in mine, but just the ability to put something in a pocket in your shoe was mind-blowing. The other day I saw my friend wearing a pair of ‘Roos’ and just about lost it as I thought they had disappeared with the 80’s. Retro style old-skool running shoes are definitely making a comeback and while the throwback New Balance shoes are cool, Kangaroos are totally unique and authentic. These were actually

I am a sucker for appliques, shoulder pads and elbow pads, especially in leather, so when I saw this jersey from Zara, it was on my list. I would have preferred it to be wool, but the acrylic/polyester blend will at least stay drier than cotton, and the style just can’t be beat. Besides, its a steal at £29.99. Classic casual style with that rougher edge, this leather appliques jersey from Zara embodies the well dressed mountain man. £29.99 from Zara Men [ad name=”go-STIL-smbanner”]

As you may have noticed from previous timepiece postings on my IWC and desired Ulysse Nardin watches, I am quite the affectionado for these man-sessories. That being said, the timepiece strap can really make or break the whole look, much like the right wheels on a car or the frame on a painting- it just brings it all together. I have searched and found the most amazing custom hand-made leather watch bands worthy to be paired with such high-caliber watches. Attila Aszodi crafts these bands from Shell Cordovan leather for their softness and durability. The unique 2 piece leather designs are strong and sporty, with a touch of class. Available in limited quantities, the varying colors and widths make it

These boots make me want to go to the desert so I don’t feel like a poser. The grey suede, stitching and just overall look from these Costume National Homme Desert Boots look at home on the LA beach ‘desert’ if you know what I mean. The Italian made desert boots are equipped with a traction rubber sole and a 1.25″ heel. Oh, and you gotta love the heel loop- style elements to boot! Grey Suede Desert Boots by Costume National Homme – $605Purchase from Gilt [ad name=”go-STIL-smbanner”]

What better to drive your Porsche than a set of Porsche Design driving shoes. These suede low top driving sneakers from Adidas are perfect for your Sunday drive, track day, or just hanging out at the coffee shop. True style with a functional extra thin rubber sole with traction for heel-toe pedal feel, this design helps to boost performance and protect the foot during lateral movements. Shown: Adidas Porsche Design Sport Suede Driving Sneakers in Dark Brown / Titanium $330 MSRP from Adidas Porsche Design [ad name=”go-STIL-smbanner”]