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Retro Kangaroos hi-tops

ROOS retro running shoes

If you recall the 80’s, you must surely remember the hot running shoes of the time, Kangaroos or ‘Roos’ for short. I remembered how bad I wanted these back in the day, I mean who didn’t want a shoe with pockets? I think I used to keep a quarter in mine, but just the ability to put something in a pocket in your shoe was mind-blowing. The other day I saw my friend wearing a pair of ‘Roos’ and just about lost it as I thought they had disappeared with the 80’s.

Kangaroos shoes

Retro style old-skool running shoes are definitely making a comeback and while the throwback New Balance shoes are cool, Kangaroos are totally unique and authentic. These were actually ‘THE’ running shoes of the day for real runners, and the pocket was for your house key to keep your hands free for running. Well paired with a pair of jeans and a track jacket, retro running shoes make a statement without giving you the appearance of wearing an actual pair of running shoes. Funny how styles morph.

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