Who doesn’t love a nice pair of leather boots? The John Varvatos lace up ankle boot has all the trimmings of a great casual boot to last a long time while aging gracefully. Shall I list them off? Designer Italian leather tops (very important to have a quality leather top) Leather soles (means the sole will literally mold to your foot over time) Rounded cap toe (a classic style which will out live the ‘square toe box’ fad) Having owned many pairs of shoes, I have come to notice that my more expensive ($250+) shoes not only break in and become more comfortable, but they also last forever. I may be a bit hard on my shoes, but it seems

These boots make me want to go to the desert so I don’t feel like a poser. The grey suede, stitching and just overall look from these Costume National Homme Desert Boots look at home on the LA beach ‘desert’ if you know what I mean. The Italian made desert boots are equipped with a traction rubber sole and a 1.25″ heel. Oh, and you gotta love the heel loop- style elements to boot! Grey Suede Desert Boots by Costume National Homme – $605Purchase from Gilt [ad name=”go-STIL-smbanner”]